Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Somewhere to RE-start...

Today (so far) has been one of those days where I woke up and hit the ground running.  (Although I did not hit the ground early enough to take the recycling out - sorry honey!!)

The dishes were done first thing.
The laundry is in progress.
The baby is napping.

And I'm writing a blog post!!

Yesterday was not so productive for me.  However I did make a list (as I am often wont to do).  I made a list of all of the little house projects that I want to complete before the fall arrives.  You see, fall - here in South Bend - is a busy, football-and-family-filled, 3-month-long celebration.  This year we are blessed to have lots of relatives and good friends coming to visit and the only way I could be more excited is if these house projects were already done!

So for the next few weeks, I am hoping to use this space to chronicle my progress on said projects.  Wish me luck.

And to start us off... a little re-cap of what I have already accomplished this year, starting with...

The Dining Room:

Next up... Family room updates! 

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

And a month later...

Sheesh.  It has been a whole entire month since my last post.   I think I need to work on my dedication to this here weblog.

I have new stories and lots of new pictures to post.  But right now, Mt. Laundry-manjaro is blocking the stairs to my basement.  There are unpacked suitcases in the family room.  There are tall-ish stacks of dishes in my sink.  My carpet hasn't been vacuumed in at lease a week.

And I haven't showered in 2 days (tmi?).

But most importantly, the baby is asleep.  And as any mother to a young one can tell you, that is the BEST time to get things done.

So, I'm off to conquer my womanly duties.

Then I'm going to eat a bowl of ice cream.

And maybe shower.

In that order.