Monday, April 26, 2010

Nice to meet you...

I suppose a good place to start is to introduce myself and my hopes for this little piece of internet. My name is Maura. I am 27 years old (at least for one more month), a mother of one little girl, and a wife to one great guy. I live in Northern Indiana in a house that was built in 1927, and was once home to an All American Pitcher for the South Bend Blue Sox - a team from the All American Girls Baseball League (think "A League of their own"). I enjoy spending my time working on the house and in the garden, cooking, playing with my daughter, exercising, and figuring out where our lives will take us next.
This brings us to the purpose for this blog. And at this point, I'm not totally sure. I know it will help keep family and friends updated on our lives as we navigate parenthood, homeownership, and all of the challenges and experiences that we will undoubtedly encounter along the way. I hope that is provides entertainment to those who read it... and maybe sparks some creativity for them (you?) as well. Overall, it will be a chronicle of what we're up to, how we're getting through it, and of course, how we are injecting a little color into our everyday!
So here we go! I hope that everyone enjoys this little work-in-progress.

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