Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An explanation of the web address...

I actually began this here little blog back in November of 2008... when I had just discovered that I was pregnant (surprise!) and I thought that I'd be interested in chronicling the pregnancy experience herein.  However, as it turned out I found it to be easier for me to use my shutterfly account to keep everyone updated on the growth of the baby bump and all that followed.  (This is where the name "to delivery and beyond" comes from).

During and in the time since my pregnancy (my daughter is now 11 months old) I discovered so many wonderful blogs... women who are great writers, great mothers, great sisters, great daughters, and great friends.  Creative, colorful, kind, ambitious, smart, and interesting women who have finally now inspired me to create my own little portion of the internet.  (many of these women can be found on my "blogroll"  and they are all FABULOUS - you should check them out!!)

Bear with me as I get this party started.  I have lots of things to share!

Also, there will most certainly be a new look for this space as fast as my little brain can create one!

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