Thursday, May 6, 2010

My, How Things Have Changed...

Cinco de Mayo has a totally different meaning when you have a kid.  The biggest excitement of our night was getting our daughter to try a little taco meat.  (Which, I might add, wasn't hard at all.  I could probably place a live earthworm in front of her and she'd give it a try - she'll eat ANYTHING!).

I made a fun mexican meal, complete with Chipotle-style rice (love!) and black-bean-and-corn salsa... we even had Corona with lime... of which i proceeded to drink 1/2 a bottle and promptly fall into a food-induced salsa-and-salt-laden stupor.  We were a couple of lime-scented couch potatoes for the rest of the night.

I ran the gamut of spanish phrases/words that I know, which took about cinco minutos.
Biblioteca.  Beunos Dias! Siesta. Yo Quiero Taco Bell...  and I'm out.

Somewhere out there my 23-year-old self had a tequila shot and laughed at old ladies like me... and probably said something like "I hope I never get old"...

... but in my 28-year-old book, last night was perfect.  I spent it with the ones that I love the most, with a full belly and elastic-waist pants.

I hope your fiesta was equally as fulfilling!!


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