Thursday, June 3, 2010


That photo you see above - the one in my header - is a place called Macatawa.  It is on the West Coast... of Michigan.  I have witnessed some of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen in that place.  It is a small community of family cottages - some of them around 100 years old - that are nestled snugly in among the dunes and hills.  When you arrive, you park your car and often don't visit it again until you head back home.  It's where I spent Memorial Day this year, with my dear little family.    

Here are some other photos of this peaceful little community.

A row of Old Glory

through the dune grass

Local choice for cruising

Boats made ready to sail

The aqua-colored cottage in the center is my husband's family cottage.
It is called Sorrento, after his grandmother's favorite place in Italy.
My husband's Great-Grandfather built it in 1929.
It's full of history and creaky floors, old books and fresh lake air.

My blogging will probably be spotty during the summer, as there is no internet access at the cottage.
Can you blame me?  (It's nice to be "unplugged" from time to time)

You'll probably be seeing many more photos of this beautiful place, so please bear with me.  
My camera just loves it.

Happy Summer to you all!

Clare's first visit to the lake - June 2009.

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